October 18, 2010

where I used to park

We have lived in the suburbs for 25 years or longer.  Recently we moved even further into the "burbs" making the daily commute to work 40-50 minutes on a good traffic day.  We looked in the city as there are so many beautiful established neighborhoods, and the diverse population, and convenience to work and other places we enjoy was appealing.  However, higher taxes, and finding a house we liked and could afford, that had a 2-car garage was difficult. Of course I wanted a garage, but the mister HAD to have a garage for his stuff.  I used to get a little flack for junking up the garage with my stuff, and recently for getting spray paint on his things. We have always had a lot of "useful" junk in the garage, but it has never looked like this.  I think the day he came home and saw that big red square of paint on the floor, that was the overspray on a bed for his grandson, he threw in the towel. Overspray from a paint sprayer that I took the liberty of buying without consulting him first. I had really big plans. But, when I started dragging home furniture that I find for next to no$hing, I had him on board with me and my madness.  The pretty dandychandy is sold and hanging there for one last inspection, otherwise this place is a mess and looks like a small shop.  And he likes it!

I use to cozy my car in this area, but a few to many things in the hopper have the Maxi parked next to the mister in the driveway.  Maybe he is thinking since he has never been able to get his big ole truck in the garage we are even now.  I am sure the first morning my car windows have frost on them, this stuff will be moved somewhere else before the next morning.
this has become a regular - chandys waiting for their beauty appointment, and he is okay with that.  He rewires all them for me.  He even tells me where he saw a chandelier that I might like.  Yesterday he had an opinion about the color for one of them.

 this is dandyshandy paint station or another flat surface to work on

these are just a few items that kept my mister from parking in his garage years ago.  
some of the dandyshandy supplies and my mom's matchbook collection in the back
and this familiar site is for my children that, sadly, live too far way.... "Dads home"

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  1. I love this post. all that junk in the garage. dad's boots. Mamaw's matchbook collection. the spray paint carousel. and of course the paint on the garage floor.


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