November 3, 2010

Featuring.... Amy Fortunecookie

Working 9 To 5, what a way to make a living, barely gettin by, its all takin and no givin.....

9 To 5, yep that's me.  Just an average working girl, for the last 30 years.  But, last night, thanks to my friend Amy, I had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with the aristocrats for a couple of hours. Oh yeah count me in!  I can get my Glenderalla on when necessary at a moments notice. 

You see Amy has perks.  She had two free tickets to the Broadway show, with seats in her employers ultra nice box, the best parking pass I've ever enjoyed, and even privileges to a private restroom and "free" beverage bar, that was decked out with 8 x 10 black and white photographs of many of the people that have performed at the Orpheum over the years.  It is so glamorous and retro in the private room.  Swoon.... Thanks Amy! 
  The place is magnificent to me  - beginning with the two signs out front.  
I know I am over-the-top crazy with chandeliers at the moment, but I mean really, just look at these two beautys reflecting in the mirror.  This is part of the ceiling in the main lobby.  Those dripping in crystal chandys must weigh 200 pounds! The ceilings and walls are gilded in gold, huge mirrors everywhere, brocade velvet drapes, marble floors, huge heavy doors and staircases that that make a girl feel like she is in a fairy tale.  It is all so fitting for this grandiose theatre.

This is the curtain on the stage for this show.  It had images of 1979, which was the year the movie 9 To 5 premiered.  You can probably see President Ford, Ayotola Homeni (sp?), Silvester Stallone, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer, Paul Simon, the yellow taxi from Taxi, Miss Piggy, Burt Reynolds, the cast from MASH, Pope John Paul, and some more that I can't remember.   

The most notable event in my life in 1979 occurred on July 4, the day my sweet Amanda was born.  When I was thinking about this post, I thought I would try to scan some pictures of us "back in the day", but its too late to try that tonight - cause you know I gotta go do my own 9 To 5 in a few hours.  

Beautiful.....This is inside the theatre, again another view from most any seat in the house.  I forgot to take my camera with me to the private room, which was probably best because I would have embarrassed myself taking pictures in front of the regulars that were hanging around the swanky free beverage bar during the intermission.  Jeff and I have enjoyed some of the entertainers that were featured on the wall in the private room.   I am grateful to the man for accommodating me on a few occasions that he was less than excited about. A few years ago, we had season tickets, which meant we had 5 date nights planned for us.  Jeff went from complaining about going to the "play" to looking forward to the next performance.   love that man.....
9 To 5 was enjoyable and so was my visit with Amy.  It brought back memories of how we looked in the 70's, and what many working women went through in the corporate world at that time.   I tip my hat to all the "working girls" that juggle their roles as mom, wife, daughter, sister, and serving in the church, and maintaining friendships, while giving the best part of your day to your J.O.B.  As the song goes.... its enough to drive you C R A Z Y if you let it!

If you need a little help getting out there this morning, here is the first verse of Dolly Pardon's "Working 9 To 5"  ... 

Tumble outta bed 
And stumble to the kitchen 
Pour myself a cup of ambition 
Yawnin, stretchin, try to come to life 

Jump in the shower 
And the blood starts pumpin 
Out on the streets 
The traffic starts jumpin 
And folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 


Workin 9 to 5 
What a way to make a livin 
Barely gettin by 
Its all takin 
And no givin 
They just use your mind 
And they never give you credit 
Its enough to drive you 
Crazy if you let it


  1. awww... I feel special, and kinda like a celebrity, what with being featured on your blog and all! :)
    It was so much fun....we'll definitely have to do that again.

  2. This is a wonderful post! I love it!!! I miss you, Momma.


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