October 14, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Remember this little girl?  She was in the hopper for a short while.

not very many years ago I would have NEVER considered painting this old desk.
I have changed my ways.

First, I sanded the top, and applied two coats of minwax special walnut stain, then two coats of polyurethane.    I love the dark finish.  I lightly sand between the two coats of stain, and even between the two coats poly.   The color is "Barely Pink",  by Behr,  satin finish.  I bought a quart, and only used about half of it.    I used a sponge or foam brush like this - 

these are so easy to paint with, the clean up is easy, but the best part is NO brush stokes.  I used a 3" foam roller for the larger areas 

I am still working on my distressing skills.   I really enjoyed working on this little desk, because I think it is so cute, and because I know who she is going to live with ;-)  She really will be living the good life again.

Here is a very "staged" picture.  Not so natural or cute...   I think Pretty in Pink will be much happier with make-up, headbands, a purse, a back pack, maybe a jacket, or one shoe tossed on the top, occasionally, a stack of folded clothes that need to be put away, and even some girly stuff hanging out of  a couple of the  drawers.  I guess now a days, we can expect a lap top and a cell phone up there too.

I think her sig-na-ture colors are blush and bashful!


  1. Hey sis!! I love this piece. YOU are my inspiration. Thanks for sharing all the tips and for the encouragement. Luv 'ya

  2. Just love this little desk makeover.

    You did an amazing job with it. I love the fact that you keep the wood top and used the walnut stain. The perfect combination.

    So glad I hopped over from MMS today.

    Starview Sonnet

  3. Glenda, this is so sweet! Something my mom always says is, "even an old barn looks better with a new coat of paint!" Of course she's talking about making sure to put your makeup on every day but this desk reminds me of that. I suppose that's the point of refinishing things huh? Taking the old and unattractive and making it beautiful and worth looking at again. When I first saw that desk sitting in your hopper, I really didn't feel the love for her... not now :)

    I had a writer's desk just like this in my room growing up. It sat under my bedroom window that overlooked our back yard. I'd read there, and color there. I loved it. Your recipient will treasure it!

  4. Looks Great!!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.


  5. Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You for coming over to Restore Interiors today! I really appreciate your sweet comment! I can't wait to see all of your great redos! Going Archiving right now! Thanks a million! I'm following:)

  6. Well, I can't find your follower button...But Im looking:)

  7. I was at a bridal shower yesterday and a few of the girls got to talking about groom cakes. Of course we got to talking about Steel Magnolias. I wanted to talk about Ouiser cutting off the ass and tail of the armadillo, but I didn't because I knew the funny would be lost on these women who hadn't seen the movie in a long time.

    "I think your signature colors are pink and pink" ;-)

    she looks great! who gets her?

  8. She has made quite the impression on the little ladies who greated her at the door. Actually, daddy hurt his back so the three of them and I
    "lovingly" drug her out of the truck and into the house where she sits under their bedroom window. Her drawers are already full of hairbows and who knows what else!Now all we need is the perfect chiar...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  9. oh SOO cute!! Love it, love it!! I think I would keep it for myself! ;)

  10. oh, i'm back to loving pink lately...though i go for the hotter version!

    thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving such a kind comment! i toured (and faved!) your etsy shop (i need a crystal chandy in a wild color!!) so i'll be watchin' you! love your blog, esp the latest post about the handsome military dentist! is that your son?


  11. You have some great makeovers... I'm now your newest follower. Blessings!


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