January 29, 2012

A Pendant Light and Chalk Paint

I have wanted a pendant light to hang over the kitchen table for a while 
but, what I want cost $250 and more, usually, more.

I struggled with that and y'all know me ...  I change my mind from time to time
I was worried about that expense for something I might get tired of in a year or two
plus, I am trying to save up for my spring time travels to my kids in Virginia and California
I need to be selling the silver, not buying a pendant light!

So one Saturday afternoon I gathered up the guts to a porch style lantern, a shade, chain, rings, wiring and a ceiling canopy from our chandelier stash and ask my Mr to help me make this pendant light

I sprayed it with Rust-o-leum Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Brass

I love the texture of a burlap shade

 I am on the lookout an 18" drum shade and then I think I will have exactly what I have seen online
or at least close enough for me ... it will be easy to change this shade

 I am really happy with it
and we made it with stuff we already had around the house

Here is the finished dandyshandy, painted with ASCP, CoCo

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January 28, 2012

2 estate sales, 1 goodwill and a car wash

I am jonesin' for warm weather and a Saturday morning garage sale.  How about you?
We killed some time at 2 estate sales in Millington and bought a few hardback books, and the tupperware containers.  While suffering through the WW, I could can use these containers to pack in my lunch bag -  and it is a big bag - for this that and the other - mostly salad dressing.

talked the Mr into running in Millington GW, and I found this Liz Claiborne skirt for $3.99

I like how these stack up, and you know orange is the color to decorate with this year, and you know I want my lunch to look designer good  - considering what I am trying to eat... or not eat

the pay back was to help wash his monster truck - inside and out

you should see the Maxipad ....  she needs a cleaning WAY more than his truck!

and have I told you I am chalk painting a chandelier ? This color is CoCo
almost ready to put it on the dandyshandy and see what happens

and a sneak peak of another little ASCP project
this is old white 

oh, and we ate lunch at Wendy's....
Junior Deluxe Burger for me - 8 WW points
$10.00 and home by 1pm - good times!

January 24, 2012

Just a quick tease of some Linden goodness....

After a week of suffering through Weight Watchers I came across this picture of my MIL's skillet biscuits, and almost threw in the towel. Mrs. Beeler makes the best crispy bottom biscuits I have ever eaten.  Period!   Can I get an Amen girls!  
Kris and Amanda  ...  this tease is for you.  Wish you could have been there with us last weekend.

with a scoop of her homemade strawberry jam and she made a small bowl of milk gravy too

I had the jam one the top side of my biscuit and gravy on the bottom

oh yes I did!

OMGoodness!  I am so hungry!

January 9, 2012

January Ideas

I like January.  It's the new year, new beginnings, new goals, new attempts at goals I didn't accomplish last year ...  and then there was the ever pressing feeling that I need to get the "big pantry" organized.  That is what we call it around here, the Big Pantry.  It holds a small amount of food storage,  games, crafts or anything that doesn't really have a place.  An overflow from the kitchen cabinets.

 I visited a few blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, and decided I could make better use of this space. 

I spent $10.00 on three clear plastic containers  and lids to help manage some of the craft supplies, cords, and canning items.  I would like to find some can risers, and eventually move everything out of here but food storage, but until I do that we will enjoy this look for a while, or until it gets all jumbled up again.

Do you have a closet or a drawer that you need to get organized?  

January 2, 2012

a little bench make-over

this is one of my goodwill hunting finds that I paid more than I should have last year, especially since I really didn't need it...a bad habit I hope to change in 2012, but anyhooo...we can talk about that later. I gave $35 for this bench. I think it had a cherry stain finish, with a bad bubbly finish on the sides, and a plastic cover on the seat bottom. Other than that - it was the perfect size and shape for a make-over...

it was not bad as is, and matched the bed, but I wanted to bring it up to date

ooh la la!

Rust-oleum, Heirloom White spray paint at work again,
with Amy Butler "lotus wall flower cherry" fabric
this is about 1/2 yard of fabric, I think...

 no real tutorial here, but I think you know what to do...unscrew and take off the seat bottom first - I took the plastic cover off, but I stapled my new fabric right over what was already there. Paint the bench, and lay the seat back inside. I don't think I ever screwed the seat bottom back in, but it is a good sitter, and has served as a good place to put a piece of luggage for my visiting children over the holidays.

I think I'll head on over to my local GW and see what the new year has to bring

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