January 10, 2011

It really snowed around here

I still don't know how many inches someone decided we received, but it covered the grass, so around here.... thats a lot!    It started snowing last night around 6 or 7, and apparently snowed off and on the rest of the night.  

These kids are enjoying a snow day at the park.  We had a great party for J.Paul in that pavilion on the top of the hill last May when he graduated from Dental school.

This is the neighborhood Snow Girl.  I like her slender arms.

This boy is really proud of his Snow Donut.  I can't remember his name, but he knows I am Mrs. Glenda and really wanted in this action.

 This is Lacey and Logan's Snow Pone.  Okay, I think we have made to many cornbread pones lately.

And my personal favorite.. Jason and Denise - the Snow Couple that lived happily ever.

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