August 30, 2011

La King Confectionery

 this is La King's Confectionery in Galveston, Texas

 one of the shops on the Strand ...  the Strand reminded us of New Orleans ...   lots of shops, lots of history, in-door and out-door eating, music and lots of people 

La King has a master candy maker ....  they have old time candy like Peanut and Peco Brittle, Pecan Pralines, Hand-Dipped Chocolates, Fudge and even Salt Water Taffy ...
 these pretty barrels  of Taffy caught my eye

yummm.....  can you smell it yet?

 this adorable furniture was through out the store ...

pretty hardwood floors ...

my mother-in-law found a set like this at an auction once
she painted hers chairs pink

we were so hot... remember it was 100 degrees, with around 112 heat index
Jeff was so patient and let me go through a lot of different shops
La King also sell ice cream, so we cooled off with a couple of scoops

Remember the cute love set above?  I thought it would be cute if we had our picture made on it ..... 
thing is - we filled up the love seat ... you can't even see it anymore ...

it was a  r e a l l y  small love seat ... 


  1. What a cute shop! The next time I'm in Houston I may have to scurry on down there and check it out!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. When we lived there the strand was just being revitalized. I would love see how it is now.

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