March 13, 2013

I like luggage racks

I like using them when we stay in a hotel
 and I like being able to offer them to my children or friends when they are here.
A few Saturday afternoons ago, on the way home from a funeral, we stopped at an estate sale and I found this one.  It is tall and sturdy.  The orange strapping looks better in the picture than it was in person.  It actually felt crunchy. 

I had just enough of this upholstery stuff left over from other projects to do this
I have 100's of upholstery tacks and have been nailing them on things for a while now
the cute little hammer was another find at an tool sale we went to.  
I've used it a lot.  It is just the right size for me.

this was an easy make-over - and it was free, except for the luggage rack, which was $15.00

I measured twice and cut once - that is rare for me -
then I turned the fabric under and nailed three tacks to each strap

to accomplish this

so my people can do this
have you noticed that the size of an overnight bag today is about twice the size of a vintage bag?
the one on the floor will hardly hold all my make-up, jewelry and hair products.

 Now I need to do this one, even though it works just fine like this.

I hope I have company soon!

I consider this furniture, so I am planning to link up to Miss Mustard Seed's furniture party on Friday

March 6, 2013

my blue eyed grandbaby

my mom used to say that the 4th child usually has blue eyes.  she stopped having children after me, and I was the 3rd child.  me and my brothers have brown eyes, like my mama.   

This little sweetheart, Lucy Marie, is the 4th child, and has the most beautiful blue eyes.  
Mama was right, again.  

she is 9 months old now 

she is baby sister to these adorables
they have beautiful eyes too

March 4, 2013

what would you do with it?

I love a little settee.  They stop me in my tracks every time.  I came across this french empire settee and chair about a month ago at an estate sale.  The little old lady running the sale saw me looking at it too long and said, "make me an offer", so I made a crazy low ball offer - actually hoping she would decline, because I surely didn't need this stuff.   However, she hesitated a bit, and said, sure, if you will get it out of here today.  I was shocked. And should have said, "just kidding"!!!  But, couldn't pass up the deal.   So, here I am with these two fine pieces of furniture, that I certainly don't need or really know what to do with.

I thought I might sell it, but the settee is just so cute.  I am torn like an old sweater.

The gold velvet upholstery is not very old, and actually not bad with my decor.  I'm a little gold around here.  But this stuff is a little too formal looking for me in its gold state, and wood stain finish.

The frame on both pieces may have been refinished in the last 10 years or so, cause it is in excellent condition.  So, I am struggling with the idea of painting it.  It is a good sitter.  I could use it for seating from time to time.

Could you see it painted turquoise?  Or Annie Sloan's "florence"?  Or Old White?  I have a teal pillow that looks great with the gold velvet.

Help me out here.  What would you do with this stuff?

Linking up to Between Naps on the Porch Metamorphosis Monday!

March 2, 2013

He's beautiful

He is simply too beautiful to be a mean ole Pirate, but in his dreams he is the toughest, meanest, scariest Jack Sparrow this side of the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.  Meet Evan.  He rocks!

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