May 8, 2011

I love white, and I want to win something

A while back I stumbled upon another blog I drool over, Songbird.  She likes white and shows us how to make it work in our home.  Her blog is awesome.  She is having a linky party for all to show their love of white.  And because I play with white stuff too,  I am linking up to her party.  Plus, she is giving away something and I want to win!

 a couple of weekends ago I repainted the front porch furniture, white

 a plug for my FIL and MIL - they made this swing for me when we moved to this house.  It fits the porch perfectly.  They are awesome like that.
 I found this bench at Marshalls. It was destiny, honey, really it was.
 remember this retro-hoopty I painted heirloom white
 I love white quilts.   My aunt recently gave me that old colorful quilt.  
 while we are at this, I'll show you this old white scale.  I actually use this when I'm shipping one of my dandyshandy's
 white peony's.  don't be jealous, they are fake 
I just painted this old frame, white.  Now what should I do with it?
 and lets keep it real here... I've always got white clothes to fold

okay, enough already.  

Happy Mother's Day, girlies

May 6, 2011

She did it!

Announcing ......  Marolyn M. Chambers, FNP

there she goes ...again

Marolyn graduated from Methodist School of Nursing in 1987.  She walked across the stage in a fitted white nurses dress, and a cute white hat.  About 20 years later, after nursing in Memphis, Las Vegas, California and back to Memphis, she decided to go back to school and get her B.S.N., eventually earning her masters degree, while working full time, taking care of her husband and her boy, and managing her home.   Take a look at our very own, Family Nurse Practitioner walking across the stage again.

Could she look any happier?

 celebrating with the proud parents

 and her sweet sister

and with the best of friends

Her men are proud too!  They are deserving of a 1st prize blue ribbon for their never ending love and support, while she worked to obtain these lofty goals.

Congratulations, girlie!  We are so happy for you. You have shown us that we can accomplish anything if we want it bad enough. 

Now then.... how about writing a prescription for lortab for your ole pal?

May 4, 2011

Pink Peonies and a lavendar Iris

It seems that depending on which side of the mason-dixon line you were raised, determines how you say Peony.  I've always called them Pee-o-nee, but my Indiana friend tells me it is pe-a-ne.  Anywho - this bouquet is from my peeoonee bush.  It's called "Pink Cotton Candy".  The pictures don't show their true beauty, because I had to use a flash.  I am afraid if I wait for the rain to stop the blooms will be spent.


May 2, 2011

Vintage Tool Caddys

We made vintage tool caddys for Amzie, Evan and Camryn
  Evan used his at one of the egg hunts
 Grandpaw sent him home with real tools to use
 I got a big girl box
and painted it green
and glazed it with the RL smokey glaze
 and drilled drainage holes in each bin
  and lost my drill bit in the box
lined each bin with a scrap of screen
and planted oregano, cilantro and lemon balm
 l.o.v.e. my vinty tool caddy - a.k.a. container herb garden

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