April 8, 2011

My padded headboard

We bought a king size bed, and as my friend over at Lelus house said about her king size bed, "it has changed my life"!  We love our new bed.  Unless you sleep alone, I recommend that you don't wait 34 years to make this purchase.  I sold our other bed and the mattress and box springs on Craigslist and began the hunt for a padded headboard.  I was hoping for something much more Glendarella like, but for $15.00, I couldn't pass up this simple arched headboard.  It is a well-made, home-made, king size padded headboard.  We finished this project in a weekend.  It was like any other reupholstery job - take off the old stuff and use that as your pattern. 

We started about 9:00 PM on Friday night after a couple of laps of encouragement around the neighborhood.  Me and the mister walked,  I talked,  and he listened while I pleaded my case.... I wanted help taking it apart.   The hardest part is getting all those staples out.  

Here it is on top of the Maxipad.  She serves me well, and has many useful purposes.

I hoped to be able to use the welting cord again, but it did not hold up well during the demolition

Adding more padding or batting material to the front side

I used the old fabric as my pattern and added 2" on either side to allow for more padding.

folding and ironing a a ruffle for across the top

sewing the fabric around the welting cord - oh yes I did Kayleen

At this point we had already stapled the extra padding and fabric to the front, and here we are stapling the ruffle to the top of the headboard

Don't let him fool you.... he likes this stuff

 occasionally he lets me play with his pneumatic staple gun -  we used an bed sheet to cover the back

It is not as gawdy or princess like as what I had in mind, but I like it and I like the price.

headboard - $15.00
4 yards of linen fabric - $48.00
welting cord - $6.00
batting or padding - $3.99
$72.99 for my padded king size headboard


  1. It looks great! You give great attention to detail. Don't you just love it when hubby helps :) Looking forward to seeing more creations.

  2. I love it! And I love that your boyfriend was there all the way!

  3. Look at you just re-doing everything like you've been doin' it for years. It looks so great! I bet you could tackle a window treatment now in no time!

  4. Turned out great! well done! look forward to seeing it in person.

  5. This is beautiful!!

    I don't think we'd still be married if we didn't have a king size bed..I half joke...

  6. The headboard looks terrific. Thanks for telling how you made it. I'm a new follower and hope you will add me to your followers, too. Thanks, Helen of Helen's Decor


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