November 30, 2011

pottery barn knock off

 Pottery Barn wants $399.00 for this ledge....  Seriously?  

So remember this post about my $5.00 doors?  They looked like this for a year or so

but I got tired of that and painted it with ASCP Paris Grey and Old White
this is just painted - no waxing

It was pretty, but not ledgy like ... I showed the PB catalog to Jeff and said, I want this. ..  will you cut this thing in half for me?   Remember we started was 2 doors that he glued together with wooden dowels .....

and now we have this ...... 

love that shine.....  
a coat of clear wax, lots of sanding, and top coat of clear and dark wax and buff buff buff

I am not settled on what I have on the ledge now, but changing it up is half the fun for me

 you like?

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  1. Beautiful! I love the color.

    p.s. Thanks for the compliment on my advent calendar!

  2. Saw your post on Beneath My Heart's link up. I LOVE it. Looks great!

  3. I can't believe the difference! The room looks like a different place! VERY beautiful and calm. The Mr. needs to add a room to your home so that your spindle furniture has a place! Maybe finish your attic. That could be a very cool room!

  4. I am always in awe when I see the way you recreate things. It's beautiful.

  5. I love the ledge! Which room did it end up in? Yours looks much better than the PB $399 version. Now you can have a ledge in each room!

  6. I like! It looks great! Love the color too.

  7. You should take great pride in your beautiful project!!! The style is cool and the paint color is awesome as well,Great job!!

  8. I've always loved that Pottery Barn ledge but yours is fantastic. Well done.

  9. What a fab shelf!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my decanter collection too.

  10. I have been looking over all your posts.... the tea cart, the lights lights and more lights and this ledge.... LOVE IT!


  11. Can you tell me the measurements for the door shelf please?


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