October 5, 2010

A few things in the hopper

I like the tufts so much that I think I could get past the green velvet

can you see this painted dreamy creamy?  

 This little girl will be living the good life again soon.  

dandyshandy - brassy to classy soon

swagging goodwill goodness

sneak peak

See ya later!


  1. is that the little desk or is that another one??

  2. I like the new layout and color and the way the photos look like polaroids! cool!

  3. Tommie girl, that is the desk. I am thinking pink, with dark walnut stain on the top. you like?

    p.s. to my favorite daughter, thanks...

  4. Glenda, I had no idea that you had this many projects up your sleeve. I can't wait to go junkin' with you again. Next time you won't be all drugged up.


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