October 4, 2010

Her legs had me at hello

because there was nothing else about this table and chairs that was worth looking at, except maybe the price.  I have been wanting to get frenchy with a piece of furniture for some time.  When I saw this set, I tried to get a friend of mine to buy it, because I am just pushy that way - you know thinking my ideas are great, but she is holding out for something new and finished and well, pretty.   The 2nd other exciting piece to this story for  me was the cain back chairs.   I am sure you can imagine my dismay when I noticed that the cain back on two of the five chairs was busted.  What!  How did we over look that small problem??  This chair was the best of the two...
The story of the table and chairs was a lesson learned. Trial and Error.  No Big Deal.  This is just a way to pass the time.  We are just having fun, right?   The chair with the biggest tear was kicked to the curb, along with two leaves for the table.  The damaged chairs nearly changed all my plans.  I sanded the table top, and stained it with minwax dark walnut stain.  After  2 coats of primer, and 3 coats of antique white paint that I had left over from the dining room, and my Ralph Lauren smoke glaze that I have used about 20 times, this is what my french cream dream became.

I think she is cute and would look just right on a closed-in porch or small eating area.  I think the table would look great in a bedroom,  or living room, minus the chairs of course, and that may be where this table ends up if I don't have success with my friend Craig, and his list...

    I hope robin egg blue, and brown and cream colors stick around for a while.  

The chair padding and boards were in good shape - I recovered them with this fabric which was purchased for another project that I never got around to doing.   
So.... tell me about your table and chairs.  Do you have french dreams?
PS - to my favorite daughter - posting is a lot harder than I thought it would be!




  1. LOVE it! you have been busy Glendarella!!!

  2. Oh Ms. Glenda, you're a blogger! I love it, it's like a dream come true. So now I need you to come to Georgia and help me find the perfect sideboard that needs a little Glenda the Good magic. And I L-O-V-E that fabric. It's perfect!

    And if you don't want to help me with a sideboard will you come to Georgia anyway?

  3. This turned out so pretty! Love the fabric you chose. Can't wait to see what you do with your newest acquisitions (the desk is my favorite). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. G-LINDA! I love it! I wish we lived next door.

  5. Lelu, you flatter me .. I can't think of anything more fun than coming back to Georgia, and finding you the perfect sideboard.

    A & M - there is a house for sale across the street from us......you know Glenda the Good would help you decorate it on a dime.

  6. It's beautiful and I love the fabric, Glad a few cain holes didn't change your mind! I am visiting from Miss Mustard Seed.


  7. Hey girly!! I L-O-V-E it!!! Way to go --- although I am not surprised at all! :) This is darling -- so cute! I love the colors and love the fabric! love, jill

  8. Your makeover looks great...love that fabric!!!


  9. I LOVE this set! I also use RL smoke glaze over flat white for many of my furniture pieces...love the finish!

  10. I have my Grandmother's table that looks very much like this set. Had to ditch the chairs, cain backs were breaking and the cushions poking people in the bottom. But I have always wanted to do the table. It is wood veneer. Can you refurbish wood veneer.

  11. Hi Karen, thanks for looking at my blog. You can repair wood veneer, but I have not tried to do that yet. I researched it online, and watched a couple of tutorial videos, and thought about doing that with the Turquoise china cabinet, but decided to simply paint it. Good luck with your Grandmother's table.

  12. I found it!! ;) Can't wait to see you in person next month!


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