September 28, 2010

Witch Craft

For those of us that do not find sewing a joyful experience

 Turn up the hem
place a cloth over your pant leg, and hold a hot iron on it for 10 seconds and wa-la- Your done!

 Thanks to Stitch Witchery and my BFF Sally I am wearing these brown pants to work today.  
This ironing board was my mothers.  This was the ironing board we used when I was growing up.  She wore a lot of polyester and let me take the iron with me when I married and moved away.  Somethings just never wear out.
 I miss my mom.

September 27, 2010

I couldn't help myself....

For $50.00 I have big plans for this little darling.  I really wanted a friend of mine to buy this for her dining room, but she is smart, and wants something new - something ready to rock and roll.  So I thought, why not... This table came with two leaves, and 5 chairs.  I don't think I will play with the two leaves, because the table top is laminate, so staining or painting the table top is going to be more work that I really want to do.  Without the leaves it is a cute little round table.  Here is a preview  - more later on this project.

September 21, 2010

Little Miss Turquoise

She was so ugly that I tried NOT to buy her.

 A lady had her listed on craigslist for $90.00. The moment I saw this cabinet and the veneer hanging off it, and realized that the glass door on it was not the original, I tired as nice as I could to say.... this really isn't what I am looking for. This is more project that I know what to do with. The nice lady wouldn't let me leave - she finally said, well I would take less.  I kept saying I don't want to offend you. She said I would take $75.00. I was think no way lady, but again said, I don't want to offend you. Her husband said make an offer - we need to get rid of stuff!! I reluctantly offered $30.00 -Of course she was insulted, but she looked at the huband, and he looked at her like if you don't take that your crazy - she said, I will take $40. SOLD.

After a new back, paintable wainscoting wallpaper on the inside, a few coats of primer, and a blend of SW Niffy Turquoise, and Valspar Breath of Blue paint, here is Little Miss Turquoise with her party dress on! 

Even though she is a cutie- she really wasn't what I thought she would be.  I broke up with her.... I am just cheap that way - for $160.00 bones I sent her packing.

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