March 29, 2012

The Tomato Place

I will make a u-turn in the road for a roadside fruit stand  ... and "The Tomato Place" did not disappoint.  Jeff is working in Vicksburg, MS, and I motored down last Friday and spent the weekend with him there.  

this little place was listed in the local newspaper as a site to see - fresh produce, boiled peanuts, fresh lemonade, and fresh fruit smoothies.  We got a strawberry/banana smoothie that was so delicious

it was warm and sunny outside and bright and cheery inside

a wall of homemade marmalade

I wondered if these pecans were left over from the fall harvest?

peanut butter and banana anyone?  Occasionally they have live music - and you can eat a simple lunch or "get a bite to eat" as so often said in the south 

a shout out to my Ole Miss buddies
I think this is a Martin birdhouse.  One of those you would put on a pole up high in the air

it starts getting good for me when the funky and unexpected is just hanging around 

it was a cozy little place that had a radio playing in the back and was certainly worth the short ride over from our hotel ...  next time I want to eat a tomato sandwich, and corn on the cob.

March 11, 2012

Good times in Virginia

Amzie is a 1st grader this year, and wears these pink and brown converse shoes

Camryn loves to be outside, and loves her daddy

but she is crazy in love with her mama!
Marlena is adorable pregnant ... almost 6 months along here

We had lunch with Amzie at school

Evan goes to Kindergarden next year ... he sure looked small next to those 1st graders

Now I need to work on getting over to California to see my girl!

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