June 21, 2011

A blue door and a kitchen window box

Beige is my signature color, so this was a brave move for me and a decision that was made without a lot of thought.  But I like it!   My front door was brown, like my shutters below.  
 The color is Dragonfly, by Behr.  Exterior satin finish. This is a one day job.

I have summer time dreams of the petunias and potato vine spilling over the kitchen window box that Mister made for me with scraps he had laying around.  Next year I think I might try kitchen herbs in the box.
The shutters have a fresh coat paint, "Bear Run" by Behr.
Happy Summer, ya'll.
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  1. That looks so awesome! Your mind must always be racing about what you are going to do next! :) I love the blue door and the flower box is lovely. I planted some flowers while my sister was in town and they are struggling for survival. I am a plant killer.

  2. Howdy Stranger! Water those flowers and come see me and my blue door!

  3. So charming!! Love this~ the colors are wonderful together! Stopping by from BBP- host a decorating party on the weekends at my blog ~stop by and say hello sometime! :)

  4. Perfect. Love the look. I need s consultation...hheeelllp meee,

  5. I love the way that browns and blues work together, these colors definitely complement your house exterior and your front door flower basket is just delightful! Thanks for stopping by and your very nice comment. I so appreciate it!

  6. Sometimes our best decisions are made in a split second. This was a good decision that you made in going with the blue. I bet you get so many compliments on it.

  7. LOVE your Dragonfly decision! I really like the Bear Run color, too. Thank you so much for stopping by so that I could find my way here! Your flowers and potato vines will be a joy all summer! blessings ~ Tanna

  8. Love your front door color! Also looked at your "white "post. I really liked it, especially the laundry! Thanks for visiting me, too.


  9. Hi Glenda,

    What a fresh new colour for your front door. Love the basket on the door too!!

    Thanks for dropping by!!
    All the Best,

  10. Your door looks so pretty and I love your window box!! Martina

  11. The blue color is perfect! Love it - I have a few window boxes that have been down because the house had been painted - miss putting flowers in them! Love your petunias and potato vine - looks marvelous!

  12. love the door and the box! looks perfect!


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