December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

 We are so thankful for our family and friends and all the many blessings and gifts that we enjoy.  We  hope that you feel the Savior's love and peace in your hearts and homes today and always.

Merry Christmas!


December 14, 2011


I love little Snowbabies
The igloo on top of the cake plate is the first one and only one that I bought
 "I'll be home for Christmas"
I bought it in 2001, when my children were serving missions for our church and would not be home for Christmas ...  this sweet igloo made me think of them

They have the sweetest names ...
 Pop Goes the Snowman, Stirring up Trouble, See Ya Next Year, and Elmo Loves Christmas
Jeff gave all those to me for either Christmas, birthday or Valentines day

He gave me the ice skate show for a wedding anniversary, "Come Skate With Me"

They pray, they hold hands, and they wait for Santa under the tree

and this blurry baby is called "From My Heart to Yours"
isn't that the sweetest!

And all together now...  I may have too much going on, but they are all so cute!
I usually leave these out until February

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December 12, 2011

is it a wreath or a frame?

I can't decide what to call this... 
 I already had all this stuff....

I only spent about 10 minutes on it ....  I know it shows ..... 
I can think of a few things I should do to improve it, but probably never will.... 

and I like it on the lime green door

and it served as a cheery back drop to the dandyshandy

check it out....  you can pin it, make it, blog it, and join the party!

November 30, 2011

pottery barn knock off

 Pottery Barn wants $399.00 for this ledge....  Seriously?  

So remember this post about my $5.00 doors?  They looked like this for a year or so

but I got tired of that and painted it with ASCP Paris Grey and Old White
this is just painted - no waxing

It was pretty, but not ledgy like ... I showed the PB catalog to Jeff and said, I want this. ..  will you cut this thing in half for me?   Remember we started was 2 doors that he glued together with wooden dowels .....

and now we have this ...... 

love that shine.....  
a coat of clear wax, lots of sanding, and top coat of clear and dark wax and buff buff buff

I am not settled on what I have on the ledge now, but changing it up is half the fun for me

 you like?

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The end of the harvest tablescape

holiday tablescape link party

If you live near a HomeGoods Store you might consider posting a tablescape on your bloggy and link up to Centsational Girl's giveaway at her  "Tablescape Link Party + HomeGoods Contest".   At first glance of the rules, I thought I read that the winner would be chosen at random.  So since I didn't have to be the best,  I thought I had as good a chance as anyone else to win.  But after spending 30 minutes finding and posting pictures on here, I read the rules again and see that the winner will be based on style affordability and creativity.  Well..... the only criteria I meet is affordability.  I used what I had around here.  Because it takes me so long to post,  I am going to throw all pride in the wind and hit "publish post"  

the silver tray was a 25th anniversary gift to my parents back around 1972
I have enjoyed the apothecary and change it up for every season

plug for the ASCP - this is Old White on the pumpkins - one coat

I think this might have been last year's vignette on the front porch

and this is the back porch

and this is what the table looks like tonight  ....  just keeping it real 

Check out the party - you might win, and you will for sure be inspired

October 27, 2011

cleaning out the hopper

Remember this hoopty in the hopper?  Remember the 3 chairs I got for free at an auction in Linden?

Miss Brown Swirly

She needed a little TLC is an understatement...

A new back
A new arm
A new seat bottom 

Actually, I'm quite jealous - I need all three of those things!

 oh and a paint job ... 
it's a mix or a mess of white primer, heirloom white, SW creamy, and ASCP in Old White
and I think ASCP clear and dark wax

untrained upholstery working is not for the faint at heart and certainly not for the perfectionist.
I've learned that I don't really like upholstery work, but Jeff seems to.  He rebuilt the chair, and did most of the stapling, and put all the nail head trim on.  I cut the fabric, and sewed up the welting cord, and painted the chair .... it's a labor of love and kept this ole gal from going to the landfill.  

Oh and I had to show you my knock out roses one more time before the frost arrives.  I am not 
not sure what will happen when they are frosted, as this is my first summer to have these.
I recommend them to anyone wanting roses because they require very little attention.  
These have actually been neglected and still thrived all summer long.

check out these parties - I promise you will be inspired and amazed at what women are doing with the hooptys in their hoppers.

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The Shabby Nest

October 26, 2011

The trees are on fire!

I knew that would get your attention....  
I think the trees that line the street in my neighborhood are red leaf maples, or maybe they are oak trees?   I'm just not sure, but I am sure glad they are here in the hood.  They are gorgeous this year.  They look like they are on fire.  They will look different in no time at all.

This ole gal will need to come inside soon, or before a frost.  She really is old, like maybe 20 years old. Before I bring this inside I will need to cut all these leaves off, so I will put it off as long as possible, even though it doesn't seem to keep it from coming back every summer.

We have been churning out the projects, so pictures to post soon, but for now.....
Happy Halloween!
Jeff and Glenda
these characters actually look a little like us.... even ragged and dinged up in a few places

October 11, 2011

The View Master

remember the View Master?
I didn't know until about a year ago that Jeff still really enjoys looking through a View Master
so, when we run through an antique store he looks for these things.  I found this set at SY Wilson's and bought it for him, because of the storage case.  I've never seen a View Master storeage case before, plus, it's made out of Bakelite, and y'all know my weakness for the Bakelite. 

I took this picture before I cleaned the case.... the View Master has a bad eye, but still works really well

Jeff has given 2 or 3 of these to Amzie and Evan ... It's hard to compete with HD TV, but they did spend some time clicking through the reels.  Funny how you can find a particular item once you start looking for it.  He finds these, and I can spot a chandelier in someone's car at Kroger after dark 
(please, don't judge me, I couldn't help myself)

Here is the rest of his toy collection.... 
and so .... if you see a View Master, or any cool reels out there in your junking ventures.... remember
 Mr. Jeff and how he likes to lay up in his big ole recliner and look at stuff 3D style

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