October 18, 2012

If I had a house in California ...

I would want to live in any one of these beautiful Craftsman style houses. We just got back from California to visit our girl, and I have to show you a few of my favorite houses in her neighborhood.  This first house has a front yard of mostly succulents and the purple front door to match the purple japanese maple trees.

 these hen and chickens are growing in the walk way!

This was one of the coolest back yards.  I drooled over it every day while walking the grand dog, Max. That is a window pane built into the fence, for people like me to peep into. So I did. And even took the liberty of taking this picture. They had raised beds on one side of yard, stone walkways, and the like.   One night these people had a party . . the back yard had lights hanging in the trees.  It was beautiful.  I wanted to crash the party . . maybe asked to go inside and look around.

I love the old school house porch light on the front porch of 312 North Street
I have always wanted to have a 3-digit address.  
This goes back to my courier days, delivering to the 3-digit estates in Memphis

who doesn't love a red front door?

s w o o n ....  
318 Plaza 

and it just goes on and on . . . 

these folks seem to enjoy every bit of their porch
I think my front door is painted close to that color now.  so, I am getting there, right?

 This one is under a major over haul.  The guys living there had a yard sale while we were there, and we learned that they grew all the pumpkins and gourds around the front.
They had great stuff for sale, and a red door.  I liked them straight away.

do you think the "keep out" was for people like me?

so if you had the good fortune to live in Healdsburg, California, which house would you choose?
I want 318 Plaza. Really bad.


  1. I love the window in the fence! I could see sitting in that back yard enjoying family and friends. Love those porches!!!!

  2. love all those pics...move here now!

  3. Sally, I agree! I'd pick the house with the window fence and then plan parties that people who like to be invited to! Garden parties sound sooooooo fun, and in a back yard like that??? Love it!


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