June 23, 2012

Spanish Pipedream

As folk singer, John Prine, so astutely sang in the song, Spanish Pipedream

"...Blow up your t.v.; throw away your paper;
Go to the country; build you a home.
Plant a little garden; eat a lot of peaches;
Try an find Jesus on your own"

and just in case you are wondering whats going on with the $5 darling ... 
she has had a bath and is getting a facial now


  1. Hadley: MOM! I want some uh doz peaches!!!"

    Looks like we're about to take a trip to the orchard!

  2. Hey Glenda, thanks for stopping by my place. Did you know you are a no reply blogger? I can't respond back to you via email. If you want help fixing that drop me an email and I will help you! Then you won't miss any of my smart azzz replies!



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