October 21, 2012

my girl likes red

While visiting my California girl last week we painted her bedroom furniture, red.
Nothing but the Emperor's Silk would do

Her bedroom suite is good solid mission style furniture - oak.  The pictures were made with my phone, so will have to trust me when I tell you the color turned out rich, and pretty; however, sadly, these pictures do not reflect that.

 here is the bloody red crime scene with after 2 coats of paint
my girl was happy - which is always a good sign when your this far into a paint project

we took a break and ran to Target for new bedding
  I couldn't resist sneaking this photo of the old guy with dreads
what tha????

she still liked the old hardware well enough with the red, plus that saved a lot money to use them again

we mixed 2 teaspoons of clear wax and 1 teaspoon of dark wax and applied the wax one time
We took turns buffing - most places feel like buttah

I've never mixed my wax before applying it.  That combination looks very dark in the bowl, but does not look too dark on the furniture.  I liked not having to apply clear, then dark, then clear again.

she chose gray and white bedding from Target

I might make her a couple of throw pillow covers with yellow and gray fabric
and she was shopping online for drapes before we left

Jeff found this lamp with the red shade for $8.00 that needed minimal electrical work
Amanda spray painted the frame of it black 

and we found this piano board at a yard sale for a few dollars
I think it will look great painted some day, but for now she is happy with it like this and wanted it hung over her headboard

We had a good time working on this off and on over a couple days

My girl is happy!  So that makes me happy.


  1. Thank yo for stopping by my blog and leaving me such sweet words about my trestle table from a door. I am liking your potting benches so I think we must have similar DNA =0)


  2. Very pretty! Love the red! And the bedding is gorgeous!

  3. i looks great everytime i step into my room!

    1. You look great ! I love doing our projects together.

  4. Red beds, yes, old man dreds, no. Gonna have nightmares they look gross.


    1. Old man dreads are yuk yuk! I guess he just got tired of tending to his hair? Thanks for checking out the red bed. I wonder how long it will take her to get tired of the red?

  5. The furniture looks great and I love love love the bedding! I want to run out and grab it for myself!!

    1. Grey or is it gray? Must be hot right now. I see it everywhere. Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment. Your the best!

  6. Hey Glenda! Your daughter's room looks great. I love the gray and red combo. Thanks so much for stopping by blog.

  7. Wow this is just lovely ! What a wonderful color combo! And you must have had so much fun working together on this! :)

  8. I love it! Shane says its about time for me to come for a visit! Question is...why is he so eager to get rid of me? Ha!

    1. Don't question the man. Come soon before he changes his mind!


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