October 5, 2011

The USS New York

remember me telling you that Jeff went on a Tiger Cruise with J.Paul ...
this trip was from Norfolk to New York ....  the ship was sent up there as part of the 10 year memorial of the 911 tragedy.  The New York has 7.5 tons of steel salvaged from the the twin towers forged into her bow. This facbook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/USS-NEW-YORK-LPD-21/113468238587 is a log of the ship, the crew and and lots of really good pictures of the ship. 

J.Paul is the dentist assigned to this ship for 2 years
I have lots of pictures, many have already run through FB, so I am just posting a few pictures, mostly of Jeff and J.Paul

Jeff got to hang out in the Captain's seat for a bit... and earn his Tiger Certification  

Coming into Staten Island on the Hudson River
I was hoping he would send me this picture
I've only seen the Statue of Liberty one other time from an airplane. 
 I find this moving. 
It clearly says to me that this is the land of liberty, the land of the free...

 Jeff said they had a coast guard escorts on both side of the ship into Staten Island, with helicopters above... lots of security, as you might imagine

33 Rockefeller Plaza.  
My 15 minutes a day of TV is televised here in the morning before I go to work
this was mid day, so all the people were gone

Times Square

They went to David Letterman's show and saw Michael J. Fox

 Jeff said it was easy to ask people to take their picture 
he said, people walked up to J.Paul all day and thanked him for his service, and would often ask to have their picture taken with him
Central Park

They had a tour guide, "Akoud" (I could).  He was from Turkey  ..... 
giving them a tour of Central Park, in New York USA, the land of opportunity...

I think they bonded with Akoud

This was outside the apartment building where John Lennon was killed
 They were told that Yoko still lives here on the top floor 

people still leave flowers for him

Jeff said he had the time of his life ... and loved spending all that time with J.Paul

All ya need is love  ... love ... love is all ya need



  1. Sounds like they had a blast! Once in a lifetime opportunity they will treasure..

  2. So cool! Nice lookin' boys you got!

  3. J.Paul looks so handsome in those uniforms! Lady Liberty is beautiful. I never realized how grand she is until I stood looking up at her. I felt very proud to be living in this country.

  4. I am reading so many of your posts and am so happy to have found your lovely blog. So glad you commented so I could come find you! I'm your newest follower :)


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