October 8, 2011

Beach Creatures

We saw these crabs washed up on the beach in Virginia
Have you ever?  Me either....
This is a horseshoe crab ....  it has seen better days

the top side resembles a horse hoof, and that tail is not a weapon, but helps the crab travel in sand, acts as a rudder and can be used to right the crab when it accidentally tips over
I love Google!

I love baby feet and hands ...

something ate this crab?

We saw this Blue Crab

is this seaweed?  lots of this stuff washed up on the beach

Camryn was not afraid of any of these sea creatures, or the water... 
she would run from one thing to another and then to the water ...

I need to find a way to go back before this beach baby forgets who I am


  1. Your pictures look great! I really like the last one of Cameron. Did you capture it that way, or did you edit it to have that nice "sunsetty glow?"

  2. the setting is from the Imac. or Iphoto. You have it.


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