October 26, 2011

The trees are on fire!

I knew that would get your attention....  
I think the trees that line the street in my neighborhood are red leaf maples, or maybe they are oak trees?   I'm just not sure, but I am sure glad they are here in the hood.  They are gorgeous this year.  They look like they are on fire.  They will look different in no time at all.

This ole gal will need to come inside soon, or before a frost.  She really is old, like maybe 20 years old. Before I bring this inside I will need to cut all these leaves off, so I will put it off as long as possible, even though it doesn't seem to keep it from coming back every summer.

We have been churning out the projects, so pictures to post soon, but for now.....
Happy Halloween!
Jeff and Glenda
these characters actually look a little like us.... even ragged and dinged up in a few places

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  1. Those trees are so beautiful! There is no where more beautiful than the South during the Fall and Spring!


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