September 17, 2011

We went to an auction

  This guy was one of the Auctioneers...    
did you know these people go to Auctioneer school?

This guy might be in charge...  he reminds me of Little Enis on the movie, Smokey and the Bandit
mullet included....  he is an Auctioneer too.... he takes that coat off when he holds the mic

 the art was really nice.... original paintings by a lady name Osborn.. I think?
 I wanted the cows.... like Miss Mustard Seed... maybe I could have sent it to her like someone else did for all the inspiration she has given us ...
the one I wanted sold for $75.00 ... I didn't get a picture of it, but it was of Brahma cattle
it was black & white, large, and framed and matted and worth it, but I just couldn't bid any higher

Mrs Beeler wanted these chairs....  we left before they got to these

this copper went for about $30.00

this would have been fun to make-over ....  and it had wheels... I love wheels

I've always wanted one of these fireplace frames.... but, again, we left before they got to this
They spent about an hour and half auctioning off collector coins...  
I couldn't believe what people were paying for the coins... hundreds of dollars!

my mom had some of these swagging beads between the bathroom and the den in the bad addition on the back of their house...  the room had the classic 1970 sliding glass doors and red shag that she raked.. oh yeah.. it was awesome!

check it out.... anything goes
Sponge Bob clothing

these guys keep it going and fun to watch

here's my gang

this nice lady thought I was a reporter taking pictures..... I never told her any different ;-) and she was  excited about me taking her picture with the Country Crock Cookie Jar she just won.... 
 the girl next to her had 5 cookie jars...
I asked if they put cookies in them.... they said, no??

this is what the smart people do..... and what sweetheart did while they were selling off the coins

we didn't buy anything at the auction, but had plenty of fun...

we stopped at this place on the way home ....

they had some real nice roosters for $10.00 each

I got this dandyshandy for a song...
Sally, I took this picture for you .... it was his idea, really....  

Jeff found a couple of Coke trays that he has hunted down for years.... and an old map

 a little porch time at the end of the day before the card games began
me and Mr. Beeler got creamed.... 

and then I have to show you the humming birds....  we counted 22 and that is hard to do because they are so small and so fast...  the folks have a bumper crop of humming birds this year.
they drained this feeder today in about 6 hours 

it was fun.  it was wonderful to spend time with Jeff's parents...

now on to Sunday and my SS class of teenage boys.



  1. sigh - that was a delightful post! Next time, I wanna come too!

  2. How FUN! Thanks for posting. That antique store looks wonderful. Maybe you're up for a visitor? ;)

  3. Love it Geeda! Especially that dandyshandy. ;-)

  4. Love the sponge bob pants!!! But the bling is calling my name! I need more rooms in my house! Why is it so hot here and I have to have fans. What a fun weekend trip! I love your pictures!

  5. Girl, I LOVE auctions!!! LOVE.THEM!!! But I'll tell you, the later it gets, the faster it goes and the cheaper they sell it! My girlfriend and I have still been at an auction at midnight!! I kid you not!! So fun! And it is entertainment for sure!

    Glad you had such a good time :)

    Lou Cinda


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