September 2, 2011

It this Bakelite?

It feels like Lazarus has risen!

After two long months ....   Jeff is finally home!

He had doctor appointment this morning and on the way home we made a couple of stops .....  
first stop  - Bibles for China Thrift store.  I picked up two DandyShandys and a book on little kids horses ....The nice lady said that would buy 4 Bibles.  I guess they are sending Bibles to China?  
Next stop was across the parking to Tops BBQ.  We split a jumbo BBQ and a Dr. Pepper and motored over to an Estate sale in our old neighborhood.  I found a nice butcher knife for $3, that Jeff sharpened so that I should not consider using for a long time, and a large wicker clothes basket, and this silverware or flatware, or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods....

You tell me, is this Bakelite?  It doesn't say it,  and didn't exactly pass the "is it Bakelite test" I found 
online, so it is probably only some very cute mid-century Cheap-o-lite ... but I like it
I picked up these pieces and the utensil caddy for 10 bones.

you could have a tablescape for six

 I think it would be fun to use at a picnic or out door party ... 
 certainly better that plastic disposable stuff .... 
but ya'll know I don't mind doing the dishes when the party is over ....

"Rowoco Company" is on the back, but nothing about Bakelite
I really like Bakelite and hope to stumble upon on some one day 

Well, girls what do you think?  Anyone interested in this Cheap-o-lite?  

Amanda, Mar, Michelle, Kris.... do ya'll want to play house with this cute stuff?


p.s. Me and Sally were featured over at Southern Hospitality!!  whoohoo!!  Thanks Rhoda!
So just for kicks, and because this stuff is so cute, I am linking up to her Thrifty Treasures Party again
check it out!


  1. Retro!! I like it. Your photography staging is stellar! I like the red.

  2. Hey Hooper ... retro goodness is headed your way :-)

  3. What's funny is that I just realized that what I thought was some carefully placed strawberry jam on the spoon in the first picture is actually a reflection of you taking the picture. lol

  4. love it! and i love the red, of course.


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