September 30, 2011

The Tale of Two $5.00 Chairs

Featuring Cathy, a.k.a. Weezie, as her grandchildren affectionally call her....
She found two of these chairs for $5.00 each at yard sale a few weeks ago
 take a look at Weezi and one of her almost finished parlor chairs ....
We didn't take a lot of before pictures, but the ole girl has definately had
a make-over .... Cathy figured last night that she has about $17.00 in each chair
it took less than 2 yards of fabric, and about 8 yards of trim
The wood around the chair has such pretty details
she still has to glue on the decorative trim .... 
here is one with the trim
sorry about the position ??
 upholstery is not for the faint at heart and can take a village sometime to complete a job
 Jeff provided an Upholstery 101 class and showed off his pneumatic staple gun

 Cathy can even talk on the phone and do upholstery work
I still think chairs are shaped like a lady.... 
this chair is perfect for a girl, low to the floor, with a wide bottom
These antique chairs may have been the deal of the summer
We have had fun spending time with Cathy & Cameron in the garage and watching this transformation
With her premission, I am taking her chairs to the party over at  MMS Furniture Feature Friday tonight
check out party ... you will be inspired!



  1. Mr. Jeff is the best!!!! Love the shape of the chair!

  2. These chairs are AWESOME! I cannot believe she got them for $5 each! That is a steal!! LOVE the fabric!! I upholster too, just for myself, and it IS tedious to say the least! She did an awesome job!!!

    I need one of those staple guns!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. Awesome! Jeff is such an expert now! HA!

  4. Oh I made the last comment- Shelly

  5. Wow, it turned out beautifully Glenda!!! I know your lovin' it. I just saw it at Miss Mustard Seed and now I'm following so I can see what you do next.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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