November 24, 2010

Not bad for free

 We visited the in-laws last weekend and went to an Auction just behind their home on Saturday morning.  The old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure will hopefully apply to our haul that morning.  Here we are combing through what we came home with.  I got a few pieces of pretty milk glass, and two hurricane lanterns that I forgot to take of picture.   Carolyn bought a beautiful antique spindle leg table, and copper tea kettle - sorry no pictures of that either.

Not long after we got to the auction I spotted the hoopty-chair on the left and hung close to the porch so I wouldn't miss my chance to bid on it.  She needs a complete make-over, but could be living the good life again with just a little effort.   The little green rocker that Samantha is sitting in is perfect for her.  She is just adorable and was a perfect model for the haul of the day.

My father in-law is a wood-worker.  He hung around for this box of tools.  I think he only wanted the wood planer,  but a lot of times things come in bundles or boxes at auctions.  He scored this sturdy box of old interesting things for $10.00.  He can add that planer to his collection here.
These tools have helped him make many beautiful porch swings, tables, cedar chests, bowls, rolling pins, hundreds of duck calls, and so much more.  When he won the bid, the Auctioneer said, I knew you came here for something.  Linden is a small country town between Memphis and Nashville.  Auctions are a plenty, and quite entertaining.  And the Auctioneers and town people seem to know each other, and even know how they do bidness. 
When the Auctioneer got around to my hooopty, his helper stacked on all these other chairs, plus a nice large plastic container with handles and a wooden lid, plus 4 plastic baskets with dish towels, napkins, and various other linens.  The starting bid was $1.00.  I got all that for $2.00.  Really??? were my thoughts.  A man behind me expressed interest in my new large plastic tub.  I told him he could have it, but he kept offering to pay something.  Jeff said you should at least get a dollar, so I asked if he wanted to give me $2.00.  He dug out of his pocket two worn thin, machine washed dollar bills. So, I got all that junk for $FREE.   I was happy and so was the nice Mennonite man.   I am sure this man has acres of beautiful delicious corn.  This $2.00 tub will serve him well.   I am going to be looking out for him next summer when we buy corn in Linden.

Carolyn has plans for this rocker.  It was bought for 1 dollar.   It is more like a rocker-recliner.  It leans w a y back.

So here she is up close.  Her legs had me at hello.  The back is broken, and it is one nasty chair.  Jeff took the fabric, springs, and padding off yesterday, and started the make-over.  He is going to build a piece for the back and repair the front on the right arm.  I would really like to refinish the wood, but you know a can of spray paint would be instant gratification and have her living the good life in no time.  I see this looking pretty with a new paint job and fresh fabric.

We had a wonderful time in Linden, with the family doing things that we can only do there.


  1. Oh Glenda - what a haul! JEALOUS!! Can't wait to see the chair after you are done with it!

  2. I have no vision whatsoever!! That little rocking chair is cute but I am anxiously awaiting to see what you come up with for that green little bug. Staying tuned in....

  3. Can't wait to be in Linden in a few weeks


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