April 4, 2012

we went back

I have to show you the BLT we ate at The Tomato Place 
 and a little more funkadelic I noticed while we waited on our sandwich and fresh fruit smoothy

 I wasn't sure what to order, so I asked an ole man sitting around killing time, what was good?
Without hesitation, he said the BLT.  I wish I had taken his picture.  Features that stuck with me are that he was old, a little heavy, bald, smiling, and a toothpick.  You get the idea...  But, I felt silly asking him.  
However, after spending about 10 minutes with the man, I silently wondered if we would be eating our sandwich with him.   I should have just asked him.  He was a perfect live fixture to this joint.

This was the BLT club and it was so delicious
But, I love tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches, and bacon is a bonus

we stopped by after a hard rain storm and sat in the back of the place
windows open, cool breeze blowing through, Jeff across the table from me
yes please!

okay, enough about this place... hope you find your own little road side stand this summer
or at least fry up a pound of bacon and make BLT's for supper one night soon



  1. Our family garden always produced the most beautiful tomatoes and we used the eat the most delicious tomato sandwiches. Mayo and fresh tomatoes?! YUM!! Oh, and a little bit if salt too..... This post is taking me back for sure! Go back next weekend and snap a picture of your little country friend :)


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