January 9, 2012

January Ideas

I like January.  It's the new year, new beginnings, new goals, new attempts at goals I didn't accomplish last year ...  and then there was the ever pressing feeling that I need to get the "big pantry" organized.  That is what we call it around here, the Big Pantry.  It holds a small amount of food storage,  games, crafts or anything that doesn't really have a place.  An overflow from the kitchen cabinets.

 I visited a few blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, and decided I could make better use of this space. 

I spent $10.00 on three clear plastic containers  and lids to help manage some of the craft supplies, cords, and canning items.  I would like to find some can risers, and eventually move everything out of here but food storage, but until I do that we will enjoy this look for a while, or until it gets all jumbled up again.

Do you have a closet or a drawer that you need to get organized?  


  1. Oh, HONEY, that looks beautiful!!! Do I have a closet or drawer that needs organized?! hahaha! Where do I begin!? i'm impressed....

  2. I love organizing closets. I rarely have one that needs it because I do them so often. This post reminded me of redo Micaela's closets. That first picture just looked like fun waiting to happen! Don't you love looking at your closet after it's all nice a clean? Looks good. I do have my pantry that needs a quick going through though.

  3. Thanks for stopping in at Suppers, Youngans, & Thangs. The pantry is looking good. Hope you find some Southern Biscuit mix. I hope it is not a regional thing, can't imagine life without it.

  4. I need you to come to my house, but you would have to were a blindfold!

  5. great job! that looks amazing, and I'm shocked at how full it looks.


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