January 28, 2012

2 estate sales, 1 goodwill and a car wash

I am jonesin' for warm weather and a Saturday morning garage sale.  How about you?
We killed some time at 2 estate sales in Millington and bought a few hardback books, and the tupperware containers.  While suffering through the WW, I could can use these containers to pack in my lunch bag -  and it is a big bag - for this that and the other - mostly salad dressing.

talked the Mr into running in Millington GW, and I found this Liz Claiborne skirt for $3.99

I like how these stack up, and you know orange is the color to decorate with this year, and you know I want my lunch to look designer good  - considering what I am trying to eat... or not eat

the pay back was to help wash his monster truck - inside and out

you should see the Maxipad ....  she needs a cleaning WAY more than his truck!

and have I told you I am chalk painting a chandelier ? This color is CoCo
almost ready to put it on the dandyshandy and see what happens

and a sneak peak of another little ASCP project
this is old white 

oh, and we ate lunch at Wendy's....
Junior Deluxe Burger for me - 8 WW points
$10.00 and home by 1pm - good times!


  1. I can totally see you turning heads in that skirt! It's totally you.... Good find girl! I haven't been GW shopping for a loooong time. Waiting for the weight to drop some more before I start subjecting myself to that kind of torture :)

  2. I like that color. Who makes it? I might look good on my bathroom walls after our tiling project is done.

  3. Kris, Annie Sloan makes the chalk paint. You have to order it online. You would do best matching the color at your favorite paint store. This liquid gold, I mean paint, cost $34.00 a quart. Plus it has a flat chalk finish. Great for furniture, as it goes a long long long way.

    I listed the CoCo light on the dandyshandy this afternoon. love ya, bye


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