August 9, 2011

Everything is Peachy-Keen

We enjoyed a bumper crop of peaches this summer.  I am not sure if the opportunity to pick your own is still available, but keep it in mind for next summer.  If you want some of this in your kitchen next year.

You'll want to visit our local orchard and pick all you want of Cling, Freestone, and White Peaches.  They were $89 cents a pound if your willing to pick your own, or $1.49 picked. 

This is where we began - me, and my BFF's, Sally and Micaela.  Sorry no pics of Sally Wally, but trust me, I talked her into meeting me on the side of the road at their fruit stand one hot Saturday morning in July and she walked all around that tall unkempt orchard and picked $15.00 worth peaches.
 These characters have a politically incorrect method of deciding who gets to either "pick and pay", or "pay first and pick"....  As Micaela, my beautiful senorita buddy so sweetly said, "this place is so southern".....    I think that has a couple of different meanings to her. the orchard is large and successful, and the peach trees were loaded.  Sally and I picked either Freestone or Cling or both.  I thought they were yellow peaches, but she taught me differently. She's a California girl and grew up with a peach tree in her back yard!
These are white peaches.  They were firm when we picked them, but in about 4 days...OMGoodness!  They were so good and juicy.  You know the kind you lean over the sink to eat.... yeah, that kind of good.
Here we are looking so proud of our harvest, and the basket that Micaela scored because she is young, and pretty and pregnant.   She was a champ, a trooper, and left the place with a lump on her head from my bad driving skills in the orchard.  Again, I am so sorry love...
These were the whites

And some Peach Jam  syrup I whipped up for Jeff one afternoon.  We will work to keep our weight up this winter by eating the peachy syrup on biscuits, pancakes, and even steel cut oatmeal.
 I ate all I could stand, and shared as many as my friends would take, and look forward to next year

And just for fun, me and Miceala rode around and took a few pictures of the the old falling down place.  
Mr. Rooster didn't seem to care if we were there.

 I am pretty sure an American lives in this house, along with the rooster
 the really old red barn that was propped up on blocks

 maybe Mr. Jones repairs stoves and washing machines during the off season?
 never know when you might need extra lumbar...
Or you do like these smart and clean people, and skip the whole "southern" experience and make a purchase from the fruit stand on the side of the road
Thanks again girlies for indulging me while Jeff's away.  Your the best!

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  1. Well, you could purchase the peaches at the nice neat, clean stand, but where's the fun in that? Your way was much more entertaining and made for an interesting blog post :)

    And, darn... those peaches look gooooood... yum!

  2. I love the peachy story and pictures! You are good. Those were the best peaches I've had for a very long time. I think I ate 1/2 of what I picked. Can't wait 'til next summer!!!!!

  3. I can't believe I made it on to your blog :) Wasn't that fun? Remember that ridiculously sweaty man that was working the cash register? And that old man just hanging out waiting for the next customer to chat with? Would you believe that i STILL have that bump on my head 3 weeks later that still hurts when i touch it? Joe said it's nothing to worry about since I act neurologically normal! ha! I don't know, I've been acting pretty silly lately.... TOTALLY embarrassed myself in front of Tyler McBride... I'll tell you about it later :) Thanks again for suggesting that we go.... the peaches were deLISH!


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