May 8, 2011

I love white, and I want to win something

A while back I stumbled upon another blog I drool over, Songbird.  She likes white and shows us how to make it work in our home.  Her blog is awesome.  She is having a linky party for all to show their love of white.  And because I play with white stuff too,  I am linking up to her party.  Plus, she is giving away something and I want to win!

 a couple of weekends ago I repainted the front porch furniture, white

 a plug for my FIL and MIL - they made this swing for me when we moved to this house.  It fits the porch perfectly.  They are awesome like that.
 I found this bench at Marshalls. It was destiny, honey, really it was.
 remember this retro-hoopty I painted heirloom white
 I love white quilts.   My aunt recently gave me that old colorful quilt.  
 while we are at this, I'll show you this old white scale.  I actually use this when I'm shipping one of my dandyshandy's
 white peony's.  don't be jealous, they are fake 
I just painted this old frame, white.  Now what should I do with it?
 and lets keep it real here... I've always got white clothes to fold

okay, enough already.  

Happy Mother's Day, girlies


  1. Okay, you, and this post, are hilarious. I think you should win because of how funny you are. love you.

  2. What Amanda said. :) Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Hilarious! Love all of your whites, including and most of all you laundry. Because umm who doesn't have a pile hanging around? And congrats to your friend on becoming an FNP!! I am a NP too, woohoo!!

  4. You should win just because! I miss you. I keep "planning" on doing a post about each of the babies and how different they are. It's amazing. How are all my peeps and this water???

  5. I love that bench you found at Marshall's...destiny indeed. what a beauty.

  6. LOL...I burst out laughing when I saw the white laundry. I love your white with the bright colors mixed in on your porch. I could sit in that swing every evening and just swing away. As for my sled after giving it some more coats of white paint I think I am going to just keep it simple and hang a simple fresh green wreath on it at Christmas time. My plan is to put it on my white brick fireplace.

  7. LOL, I hope you win too! But I haven't drawn the winners yet. Your white porch furniture looks so happy and cheerful with those colorful pillows. Great combination.

    I finally found a quiet morning to visit everybody again and actually leave a comment this time.
    Thank you again for playing in my We Love White linky party!


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