May 4, 2011

Pink Peonies and a lavendar Iris

It seems that depending on which side of the mason-dixon line you were raised, determines how you say Peony.  I've always called them Pee-o-nee, but my Indiana friend tells me it is pe-a-ne.  Anywho - this bouquet is from my peeoonee bush.  It's called "Pink Cotton Candy".  The pictures don't show their true beauty, because I had to use a flash.  I am afraid if I wait for the rain to stop the blooms will be spent.



  1. I don't care how you say their name....They are gorgeous!!! I would love to have some in my yard!


  2. I just love your peonies....they are so beautiful. I have yet to get them a try in my garden. Not too sure with the deer issue we have here.
    Mariane :)


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