March 2, 2011

California Dreaming

I dream of this girl and that smile no matter where she is

Those Californians have lemons growing on trees just off the front porch

and these pink rose trees are growing everywhere

 I can't forget the purple trees

or this guys cool truck

that goes nicely with his Bocce Ball court

or the largest Century Plant I eva seen

I miss Michelle's delicious fresh fish recipe cooked in a paper bag

and these guys riding bikes selling cotton candy

special dinners with these great people

Fresh fruit and veggies from a local farm delivered to your front door - word

and of course this familiar site heading up to Healdsburg

I think its time to to start looking for a couple of cheap airline tickets


  1. You DO need to get yourself some tickets! Spring break baby! k, is it bad that I could only name a couple of the fruits and veggies on the table? Were those purple carrots? You ladies are a very lucky mother/daughter duo.

  2. Yes, that is a purple carrot in the mix ;-) It was a first for me too. I think they get a box of what is in season delivered once a month or maybe every couple of weeks. Sometimes they receive food that they have never eaten or cooked before. I would love that.

  3. Mom, this is such a sweet post! I love your guts and miss you. Come! We can look for the guy selling cotton candy, and then go play some golf. You can meet the ladies who come to Ladies Night Out, and then we'll watch in awe as Michelle makes something else delicious in the kitchen. But mostly we'll just sit and laugh at each other, because let's face it, we are the funniest people to each other!!

  4. We hope to experience all that goodness again this summer.

  5. I love that you said, "WORD". ;)

  6. oh my that looks nice! I miss you! I like your blog for sure! I like your etsy shop. Your Vintage Turquoise Chandelier was soooo cool! I found a super cool idea for antiquing mirrors and I thought of your pretty honeymoon mirror you did...


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