December 9, 2010

Still cleaning out the hopper

You may remember this sneak peak a few months ago

After some spray paint magic!  
Wa-la.. my new retro end table that I picked up at the Salvation Army store.  I am not sure about describing something as new and retro in the same sentence, but it is new to me, and so 60's. 
First I sprayed the table with Rust-oleum Golden Rod satin finish.  Then I sanded the top just enough to get the shine off the old finish.  I applied two coats of minwax dark walnut stain.  Then added two coats of polycrylic on the top only.  The directions suggest three coats, but two seemed good enough for me.  I also used RL glaze to cover my spray painting imperfections and to give this a little more interest.   I think this is a pretty and functional piece of furniture.  The drawer is spacious too.
I like these long legs, and how airy the table is underneath, compared to what I had before.  The pulls are painted black glossy, but I may paint them again with my Sophisticated Finish, Blackened Bronze Metallic paint.  I think that would look so pretty with the dark top and I love the bronzy finish.   This golden nugget blends in with the rest of the decor over here...sorry no pictures to prove it.  So just come on over and see for yourself.  We can have some hot chocolate and talk about spray painting something at your house.


  1. SO CUTE! Love it Glenda Girl! :) So, is tonight good to come on over for the hot choc. and chit chat?!! ;) Oh, I would love to you know! Love all the things you've been doing... so fun -- maybe after the semester is over (last night is this next Tues.) and maybe I'll get going on fixin' up my kitchen table.

  2. Can you tell me what this style of table is called? I have been looking for it because I have one and want a second one to match. Thank you :)


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