May 27, 2012

How do you make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?

This is one way ...

I had the pleasure of helping a few really talented women decorate the inside of a barn for a wedding reception.I think it turned out so rustic lovely.  These pictures were made before the reception started.

the gift table was just outside the barn door, with a vintage suitcase used to hold gift cards
the flowers on the bench belong to the bride's attendants and her little flower girls
The bride's colors were blue, green and white

The dessert center

about 100 pom-pom's were made and hung from the rafters and all around the barn, lots of white lights, and a couple of chandeliers.  It was so pretty and especially after dark with all the lights

A dance floor that glowed in the dark for the bride and groom and anyone else that felt like shaking their tail feathers.  The hay bales filled up with little children when the dancing started.  

This was where the food was set up.  They served a couple a hundred people BBQ, and the fixings
It looked really pretty after we got it all set up

a beverage center.  there were lots of mirrors and lamps used inside the barn, which reflected a lot of light

center pieces

The dessert center was a piece of work! and so delicious!  I think I tried all of them!
But first, the wedding cake.  The cake topper was appropriate for this couple as they love to dance.

The bride wore white cowboy boots, and all of her girls wore brown boots

From a little girl's playhouse to a Honeymoon Suite ...
I think the bride's brothers may have fixed this up for her?

 and their get-a-away tracker

It was fun.  I am so glad I was asked to help.


  1. Wow it did turn out so lovely! And your centerpieces look just right. Did the hydrangeas come from Mamaws?

    1. Hi Mar, yes, the hydrangeas came from behind Mamaw's house. I cut about 45, and probably left her 145 back there. They are so pretty all along the back of her house. It was so fun to see it all come together.

  2. This all looks so pretty. They did an amazing job with the colors.

  3. It's my first time at your blog and what a delight! This wedding looks like it was fabulous and I love the color combo. I got a message from Kim Nichols about some PB brown ticking you might want to get rid of? I'm interested if you could let me know what your price would be? Thanks, Ann

    1. Hi Ann, thanks for your nice comment here on the blog. I sent you an email about the fabric.

  4. First I wanted to thank your for dropping by my place. :)
    That reception is just adorable, I love everything from the colors, the cowboy boots, to the tractor. What a pleasure to help decorate for.

  5. Just wonderful! I want you to come help with my next wedding. Daughter #1 was married here 3 yrs ago (before blogging) and OH if I only knew then what I know now!



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