March 11, 2012

Good times in Virginia

Amzie is a 1st grader this year, and wears these pink and brown converse shoes

Camryn loves to be outside, and loves her daddy

but she is crazy in love with her mama!
Marlena is adorable pregnant ... almost 6 months along here

We had lunch with Amzie at school

Evan goes to Kindergarden next year ... he sure looked small next to those 1st graders

Now I need to work on getting over to California to see my girl!

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  1. Great pictures of your grandbabies! I can't believe how grown up Amzie looks! It reminds me that Jayden is the same age and just as old! Agh!!! That's super exiting that you are going to have another cute little cute to love on soon! Congratulations!!! Those grandkids of yours have THE most beautiful eyes!


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